The truth about Overwhelming Emotions that do not seem to leave

When people come up with the kind of anger that can burn the whole house down, or say they tell me, that they are so scared they cannot think of moving from a certain corner, or say when they tell me that they can no longer take the heavy sadness, it suffocates them to death – my most common question to them usually is, are you sure it’s yours? Or is it someone else’s? Or I’d directly ask: who does this anger belong to? Who does this fear belong to? Most people are not ready for such questions, hence they are taken aback. That’s our portal to what might have possibly led to an overload.

Human beings are like walking-talking free bluetooth. We pick up signals from anywhere and everywhere. We also give a lot and lose things our way. Human consciousness is in a constant state of exchange. The flow doesn’t stop. Ever. Be it at a road side temple, where people with various kinds of grief come and weep for their absolution, or be it at a hospital where the same grief is mixed with the fear of dying and death. Be it at a bar where a collective state of intoxication opens up most of our inhibitions, or be it at a domestic squabble where a lot of bitter words are exchanged: we pick up most of our negative thoughts, belief systems, notions, ideas and imprints all the time from these spaces and the like.

If you tell me that you are angry and I ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how much is the anger, you may tell me, say it’s 8. I would then ask you, has it always been 8, whenever you get angry, and you might tell me, “No, earlier it used to be 4-5, but of late I’ve seen that everytime I get angry, I feel like burning everything down. It constantly remains at 8.” So, my next logical conjecture would be, if it was 4-5 before and now it’s 8, where is the extra 3-4 coming from? Who does the extra belong? If you could manage that 4-5 level of anger and it was okay to live with it, then it certainly has to be your natural state & form of anger. How did it reach a state of overwhelmingness? What changed and who’s anger is this that you are carrying? The question itself is a portal for the person to regress cognitively and understand that something definitely must have changed and it is from someone/somewhere else that I might up have picked up this extra anger. That’s a simplistic way of understanding that not everything we feel is ours! Most of those overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and worrisome ideas are not ours.

Regression Therapy helps us to travel back in time to the moment when we picked them up. Instead of justifying these emotions and trying to live with them by talking about them, we as Regression Therapists believe that they can be completely eliminated. Something that do not belong to us, why do we even have to learn to live with them? We don’t! The only thing we need to do is to go back to the moment of change or the moment of trauma and release whatever doesn’t belong to us. Drop it like a tea-bag!