How can “I will Love you Forever” be highly dangerous?

Can you tell me what is common about the following statements/declarations?

  1. I will love you forever.

  2. I will never talk to you.

  3. I have always been poor.

  4. I can never make two lakhs a month.

  5. I always end up with people who abuse me.

In our day to day life, we make so many statements as such, and that too, so matter of factly, that we don’t even realise the amount of energy we might be investing in them – without our conscious knowledge ofcourse. We are not even aware of the kind of words that we use to describe a situation or an attribute about our personality that we feel has been with us for a very long time.


Words like ‘forever’, ‘never’, ‘always’, ‘ever’ are called Eternity Words , and the statements that you can read above are called Eternity Postulates. While making such postulates about ourselves or about a situation that is significant to us, we don’t realise the impact and influence it can have on our lives. Say for example, you are a small four year child, and daddy has promised you that he’ll take you out for play in the park this evening. But unfortunately, daddy is today busy at an urgent meeting. And you keep waiting for him. After a long wait, you give up. When daddy comes back, you ask him and he plainly says ‘Sorry’ and promises back to compensate for it the next day. However, he’s even late the next day, and then the next day, and then again the next day. You may begin to think, that Daddy ‘always’ does that! Daddy ‘never’ loves me! You may even say it to Mommy someday, “I will never trust, daddy.” What may ensue as a result of such a statement/postulate is, you may be locked into ‘difficult trust issues’ all your life, and why only all your life? It can go beyond this lifetime into several other realities that you will become a part of in the future. After all, never, ever, forever, always, are words released into time and space to depict eternity, and eternity is not limited to this life only. It can extend to infinity!


Funnily, after telling a few female clients about the truth of eternity words, they confided in me that while making promises as a part of their customary rituals at their wedding, they stopped using the word ‘forever’. One client told me how, when the Pandit asked her to repeat the oaths (related to the marriage, her to-be husband – to take care of him, to love him, to be of service to each other), she repeated them but at the end of every oath she added ‘in this lifetime’ in whispers! Imagine in the next lifetime, if she would be born in India, and her husband say in Antarctica and they never meet, or worse, she is born and the husband is still chilling up there! She’d be seeking him all her life, for all the eternity promises she made to love him, to take care of him, to serve him. This is the reason people find it so difficult to let go of others. This is the reason people hold on even when they are driven to misery, hatred and poverty. So, how to open these eternal locks? No one wants to get locked into foreverness, alwaysness, neverness. Imagine how difficult life and beyond will become with the wight of such postulates weighing down like a huge mountain on our lives – lifetimes after lifetimes. Regression Therapy is a remarkable tool to figure out all the eternity postulates, explore them, go beyond several lifetimes and finally release them. It is by taking the person back in time, we can figure out what programme is running a particular pattern in someone’s life, and why does it feel like forever. Once we locate the beginning of the hangover, it can be easily released, and eternity can finally be stopped.